Black fluffy tote bag yoga ethical sustainable natural hand dyed


Minimalist chic style tote bag made from organic cotton with fluffy texture. One of a kind. Dyed to earthy shade of black with low impact dyes. Vegan friendly.

Handmade medium sized tote - ideal to carry your everyday bits about - for yoga, college, work etc.

Sustainable and all natural materials used only.
Outside of bag is coloured using low impact dyes. Inside of bag is lined with organic bamboo silk dyed naturally with herbs and flowers to emerald shade of green.
Good sized internal pocket made from the same black fluffy fabric as outer.

Handmade in France.

A simple design - perfect for yoga, college or every day handbag - fit everything you need in it.

Unisex style.

Measures 20" wide and 16" high. Straps are 10" long from the top of the bag (long enough to fit over shoulder).

Dry clean only if needed.